Power Boilers

From complete retrofitting to burner replacements and ash hopper modifications, Diamond Refractory Services provides an expert team to handle all of your power boiler needs. We can even perform complete retrofits, thereby saving time and money by eliminating the need to start fresh.

Additionally, Diamond’s specialists can remove an existing tile and use it as a spec reference for any new tiles that need to be poured. By eliminating the need to rely solely on manufacturers, Diamond streamlines your process.


  • Complete retrofits including refractory burners and target walls
  • Burner replacements (NOX retrofits)
  • Floor tile and plastic installation
  • Ash hopper modifications
  • Automatic stud gun welding systems
  • Gas boiler maintenance
  • Boiler refractory repair
  • Industrial boiler services (including industrial steam boiler and industrial steam heaters)