When Diamond’s team shows up on a turnaround project, you can rest assured knowing that a track record of safety, quality, and experience arrives with them.

In addition to having extensive experience with FCCUs, SRUs, and heaters, each of Diamond’s supervisors are API (American Petroleum Institute) 936 Refractory Quality Control Personnel.

This industry-directed and industry-accepted credential ensures that each supervisor working on your project has been prequalified and meets the highest standard the industry offers.

Diamond, with its total focus on turnarounds, can expedite and reduce response times because we are completely self-reliant.  

Diamond uses its own trucks to speedily deliver equipment and material to the site. This, along with our 1,200+ employees, allows us to offer complete turnkey turnaround services.  

Diamond’s self-sufficiency has resulted in reduced response times, quality work and a safety record second to none.  

This is why clients rely on us to get them back up and running quickly, year after year, job after job. 

Regardless of whether the turnaround situation is planned or results from an unexpected emergency, Diamond is ready and able to respond.


  • InSitu vibration casting of risers, standpipes, mixing chambers, shell segments, or complete vessels
  • Conventional guniting using prequalified, experienced nozzlemen
  • Wet gunning (shotcrete)
  • Concrete restoration
  • Acid proofing
  • Boiler refractory repair
  • Industrial tank and skirt lining
  • Demo
  • Surface prep
  • Sandblasting
  • Welding
  • Casting
  • Pouring
  • Rapid Arc Welding (RAW)



Diamond has completed 100+ turnarounds across the U.S, since 1999 with an impeccable safety record. Over 85% of our clients are repeat customers.